Some of the frequently asked questions
Are animals allowed?
What do I need to do to register my newborn baby as a patient?
Where are you located? Is there parking available?
Can I get travel shots at the clinic?
Do you do employment or occupational assessments for school or work?
Does my child have to be with me to discuss their care?
Can I get my regular Rx renewed over the phone?
What if I do not have internet access?
The phone lines are always busy and I can’t get through.
Refund policy
How do you take payments?
What if I do not have a valid medical coverage?
What services are not covered by MSP?
Do I need to book an appointment to see the doctor?
Can I book a walk-in reservation with a specific doctor?
Will you call me with my results?
Why does the clinic stop accepting patients prior to the posted closing time?
How do I register for a family doctor?
What is your policy on controlled meds
Missed appointments and late arrivals