Family Practice

Foremed Medical Clinic is a Family Practice and Walk in Clinic which has been opened since 2007.

We provide high quality health care in an efficient and timely manner. Foremed Clinic offers scheduled appointments as well as extended hours for walk in patients. Our clinic offers EMR system which allows your doctor to receive immediate faxed consult reports and all other test result which will guarantee high quality care.

Foremed Medical Clinic consists of 8 Medical Office Assistants, Office Manager and 7 doctors, Dr. Jinu Mathew, Dr. Gbogboade Ademiluyi, Dr. Michelle Zeng, Dr. Nikhilesh Dasanjh, Dr. Sanja Matic, Dr. Richard Vandergriend (Cardiologist) and Sam Gharbi (Internist). Our staff members are trained to assist our patients with any questions or concerns they have.

Our Clinic is opened 5 days a week and is conveniently located right across the Columbia Sky Train station and beside Guardian Pharmacy.

Our Staff and Doctors

staff1Dr. Jinu Jacob Mathew
Family Doctor
staff1 Dr. Gbogboade Ademiluyi
Family Doctor
staff1 Dr. Nikhilesh Dasanjh
Family Doctor
staff1 Dr Sanja Matic
Family Doctor
Dr. Michelle Zeng

Family Doctor
staff1 Dr. Sam Gharbi
Internal Medicine